How To Stop Snoring Naturally and Permanently

Do you know that you can naturally stop snoring without any device or medical treatment? Sleep partners of individuals who snore heavily often awake over twenty times per hour. For those who do not snore heavily, it less than that. But the fact still remains that you still awake your sleep partner from time to time. The next day most snorers usually go through little relief. They feel extraordinary drowsiness, nervousness and deficiency of productiveness during the day which is also accompanied by bad wellness backlashes.

2) No Alcohol Especially Before Bed – This makes snoring even worse, as it relaxes the muscles in your throat and causes the airway to collapse more than it normally does, causing the tissue to vibrate more. Many individuals snore only after they have consumed alcohol, which is even worse while sleeping on your back.

Yawning Exercise: This motion has been proven to help cure this condition. When you open your mouth in the yawning position; open your mouth as wide as possible. This will help tighten your inner throat muscles and also your outer neck muscles. The great thing is that you can do this early in the morning before you start your day.

Having a partner who snores heavily is truly a challenge to one’s patience. At daytime, when you are together, he may be very interesting and fun that you would not find any reason to complain. However, when night comes and you have to recharge for the next day, you may have to bear with the noise he makes with his snoring. Of course, this should not solely be the reason for you to break up with him. The right approach to this situation is to provide him the best stop snoring remedies.

Alcohols as well as sedatives are reducing the resting tone of the muscles in the back of your throat which increase your chance of snoring. Avoid drinking alcohol four to five hours before bed time to prevent the problem from worsening.

The item I’m referring to is known as a jaw supporter. It is really just a headband that wraps around your jaw and the back of your head. It has one specific purpose and that is to hold your jaw in an upright closed position. It seems like an odd thing to do, but your jaw’s position is why you end up snoring. When someone snores, they typically have their mouth open and their jaw loose. When your mouth is open like this, the airways in the throat constrict and you end up snoring.

There are various serious effects that result from too much snoring. This is because it deprives the body the oxygen it needs in order to function properly. The person then lacks blood oxygen levels and at the same time the carbon dioxide level increases. This results to a toxic build up that is the beginning of stroke, heart disease and brain damages.

You should take an action to cure your snoring to improve your health. Snoring prevents necessary oxygen from entering your airways. The lack of oxygen from snoring causes many serious problems. We need good, healthy sleep to keep us sharp and full of energy. Here are statistics that will convince you to take care of that health problem.

If you like to drink alcohol and take sleeping pills, these two can lead to more snoring problems. Alcohol when taken a lot, have a relaxing effect to all the muscles in the body. The sleeping pills as well. So the throat muscles can get too relax and cause it to collapse when you sleep at night.

What is are best supplements for weight gain

Sugars – Scale back on your all kinds of sugar and white bread items. These extra carbohydrates have a tendency to store easier as excess fat. All of us dont really recognize how much white bread items all of us consume in a day. Heres an example of a typical Americans daily intake; a plain bagel with breakfast, a sandwich on white bread for lunch, spaghetti for dinner. Decreasing our carbohydrates totally isn’t the way to go altogether either. Whole grain breads tend to be much better and won’t store fat as easily on your body. Other alternatives for the example above would be wheat bagel for breakfast, rye bread for lunch, and whole grain pasta for dinner. Also, integrate having smaller servings and whole grain varieties whenever feasible.

A weight gainer supplement has a few similarities with muscle building and even weight loss supplements. They should be taken only after you consult your doctor. While weight gainer supplement seem the logical choice for an individual who want to gain weight, it may not work out for everyone. There are many weight gainer supplements in the market, and each one is unique and produces different results. Some of these results may not be what you are looking for. To really know whether a weight gainer is good for you, implement a weight gain plan. With a good weight gain plan in place, you will know your ability to consume the required amount of calories and nutrients on a consistent basis.

This should be a complete meal. It should contain a high amount of carbs, protein and vegetables. Something such as Lasagne with a salad is good after a match as you have a good mix of carbs and protein in the meat and pasta.

“… Remember this… the growth of muscle occurs outside the gym and may take several days. The body recovers systemically, not by body part. If you trained chest and arms one day and they feel fine a couple of days latter, this does not mean you have grown muscle! On the contrary, the process is still in action. Here is how I described it…

A muscle building diet is quite different from your everyday diet. A body builder will add highly concentrated nutrients in their diets when they perform heavy weight lifting. Indeed, they will require a heavy quantity of balanced nutritional supplements in order to build their body muscles quickly.

For best results, keep cardio to 20 – 30 minutes worth of low or moderate intensity. All it takes is a couple or three cardio sessions in the week in order to retain a healthy heart. What’s more, it will help to improve muscle cell nutrient delivery, and can actually improve recovery time.

If you are looking for a high quality weight gainer but still don’t want to spend the big bucks then Optimum Serious Mass is going to best weight gainer for you. It has 1250 calories per serving but very little sugar content. In fact it had the lowest amount of sugar out of all the weight gainers I looked into with only 20 g per serving. Protein is high quality blend from a variety of sources including Whey, Casein, and Egg. It already has both Glutamine and Creatine to help supercharge your workouts and speed up recovery but it is a little higher end at $1.9 per 1000 calories.

Tips in Raising Testosterone Levels of Your Body

If you are a man in your early 30s, chances are you have already started noticing some unfavorable changes in your body. Do you tire easily now? Are you feeling less energetic than when you were younger? Are you working out but seem to not achieve the results you want? Do you feel more sluggish than sexy most times? If your answer to all those questions is a big, fat yes, then it is about time that you do something about it.
There is no need to worry because everything you are experiencing right now is normal for your age but it also means you have to start being more conscious about your health. All the changes that you are currently undergoing is due to your body producing less testosterone. You do not have to fret about it since there are various proven ways in raising testosterone levels. You first need to know what makes these male hormones an important part of your life as a healthy man, no matter your age.
What is Testosterone?
Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for all things manly about you- from your deep voice, lean muscles, facial and body hair to your strength, stamina and sex drive. This is the reason why you feel less energetic and moodier when your body’s testosterone production starts decreasing.
The To-Do List in Raising Testosterone Levels
There are many routes to take if your goal is to raise your testosterone levels. Like all things in your life, achieving this objective begins with you so this article will tackle raising testosterone levels the natural way.
1. Choose Abs Over Flabs
Testosterone is not only age-related but body mass-related as well. This means that as you let yourself go with cheeseburgers and cakes, your testosterone level goes down immediately. According to a research, even just a 30-pound increase in your body mass index can accelerate testosterone decline by a decade so it is essential that you watch your weight.

2. Feel Great with Weights
Speaking of weight, a study done by Finnish scientists have revealed that men who regularly lift weights and work out gain a significant boost in their testosterone levels. Remember, as you increase your muscle strength, you also increase testosterone level at the same time. An increase in T-level will then return its favor to your muscles by helping it become leaner.

3. Think Before You Drink
Admit it, weekends usually come with invitations to a few beers with friends. But before you say yes to your good ol’ mates, maybe you can suggest doing some other activity like playing poker or darts. If they insist, tell them how a recent Dutch study showed that men who drink regularly experience a 7 percent decrease in their T-level. That ought to persuade them.

4. Do Not Say Yes to Stress
Stress is a big factor that can depress your Testosterone levels because it causes the production of cortisol to surge. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that suppresses the ability of your body to produce testosterone when elevated. As much as possible, try to avoid stress by allotting enough time daily to relaxing both your mind and body.

5. A Healthy Fat is a T-Friendly Fat
Yes, you read it right, there is such a thing as a healthy fat. The trick with consuming fat is to keeping it at a minimum and choosing which kind of fat will be helpful, not harmful. Completely eliminating fat from your diet can will not help you in your goal of raising testosterone levels so opt for monounsaturated fats which are found in fish and nuts.

Examining the Top 10 Best Rated Reviews of Testosterone Boosters and Supplements

Testosterone Boosters are supplements designed to keep your testosterone level at its peak. This means that it can help you stay in great shape by increasing your energy level, improving your muscle mass, and boosting your sex drive. Taking testosterone booster supplements will give you the energy you need to get through your strenuous workout sessions inside the gym and even in between the sheets, no matter your age.
The Top 10 Best Rated Reviews of Testosterone Boosters and Supplements
You have finally decided to experience the many beneficial effects of testosterone boosters, but as a newbie, you have no clue which of the thousand types and brands out there will work for you. There is no need to worry. Here are the Top 10 best rated reviews of testosterone boosters and supplements you can choose from:
1. Optimal TR
Users of Optimal TR Testosterone Boosters mostly commend the supplement’s quick effects in improving their strength and energy levels. According to customer reviews, this product gives them better sleep allowing for great workout stamina in and out of bed. If you want to experience having the energy you once had, Optimal TR is the right one for you.

2. Ubervita Ubertest
If you work out religiously but are finding yourself with less energy to finish your sets, it is time you try out Ubervita Ubertest’s Testosterone Booster. Reviewers have shared stories of how, after just two weeks of using this product, they noticed a significant increase in their energy. Try this booster and see yourself do more reps and lift heavier weights.

3. Sustain Male Enhancer and Testosterone Booster
Performance – this is what Sustain is all about. You will experience increased energy in the gym, but most reviewers raved about the product’s amazing effect in their sex drive. If what you are looking for is a powerful performance in bed, Sustain is the way to go.

4. Leyzene
Based on product reviews, these orange capsules work like magic in increasing your energy levels. Just like Sustain, Leyzene has the power to bring back the stamina you had on your honeymoon. If you want to spice things up a bit with your partner, this all-natural, vitamin-based supplement is all you need.

5. S-500 Testosterone Booster
S-500 Testosterone Booster is the one of the best capsules you can get when you need that extra energy to work out more. Reviewers were ecstatic about the product’s effects in muscle tone improvement and belly fat reduction.

6. Test Booster
Feel younger with more energy, increased sex drive, and leaner muscles brought by Test Booster. Users of this product have mentioned how it made them eat healthier, sleep better, and perform longer both in the gym and in the bedroom.

7. Garcinia Sport
Garcinia Sport is a great testosterone booster will curb your appetite and increase your energy and libido. If you have time to read reviews about this product, you will find a long list of satisfied consumers.

8. Mdrive Elite Energizing
Uservs of Mdrive Elite Energizing have mentioned on their reviews about the product’s benefits which include improved energy, reduced body fat, preserved lean muscle mass, and increased sex drive.

9. SwollEZ
SwollEZ is an all-natural testosterone booster that users find very effective in enhancing their sexual performance and improving their muscle growth. If you want to feel younger, stronger and fitter in just two weeks, take SwollEZ.

10. Optimum Alpha
Last but not the least on this top 10 best rated reviews of testosterone boosters and supplements is Optimum Alpha. As stated on product reviews, men who take this supplement experience better mood and an overall increase in sex drive, stamina and strength.

Five of the Top Recommended Safe Testosterone Boosters that are New and Natural

Testosterone boosters are supplements intended to increase your body’s testosterone levels. This is best especially for men who just hit their late 20s are starting to experience a decrease in their energy, strength, and stamina. Two of the best ways to boost your testosterone level are synthetic boosters and natural supplements. Majority of testosterone booster users prefer the latter, and for good reason. Going natural is obviously a safer way to boost testosterone levels.
Natural testosterone boosters are supplements composed of select vitamins and minerals as well as other ingredients designed to naturally work with your body. Taking testosterone boosters the natural way will help you gain better performance and muscle mass both in the gym and in the bedroom, but with fewer unwanted side effects.
Here are five of the top recommended safe testosterone boosters that are new and natural to help you live a fitter, fuller life:
1. TestoFuel
Testofuel tops this list due to the fact that it contains no filler ingredients so you will be able to take advantage of the natural vitamins and minerals that are in it. If you want more strength and energy as well as leaner muscle mass, Testofuel is the testosterone booster for you.

2. BSN Evotest
If you are not a fan of swallowing capsules or pills, BSN Evotest is what you should try because it also comes in powdered drink form. It will not be particularly tasty but users have commended the product’s effects in improving sleep which consequently results in better performance and overall energy.

3. MusclePharm Battle Fuel XT
Muscle Pharm is a natural testosterone booster with great ingredients designed to increase not just the production of testosterone in your body but also muscle growth. It can also decrease and suppress the production of estrogen so you would feel even manlier physically and mentally.

4. Cellucor P6 Black
Cellucor P6 Black is quite popular in the market due to the fact that it is not only affordable but also effective. According to most reviews, this testosterone booster helped them gain mental clarity therefore leaving them more motivated to get fitter and live a more active life. So if you want that extra boost in energy to get you through your workout sessions in and out of the gym.

5. TestFreak
TestFreak makes it to the list of top recommended safe testosterone boosters that are new and natural due to various reasons. First, it increases protein synthesis which is necessary for the release of growth hormones and other muscle-boosting factors. Second, it helps improve the formation rate of new muscles. Third, reviews have mentioned about how taking this supplement resulted in faster recovery time after workouts. Lastly, TestFreak users have raved about its ability to enhance sexual performance.

These five Top recommended safe testosterone boosters that are new are all natural with little to no side effects. But you have to remember that each supplement has various effects depending on the user. It is still important to research well about the supplement before trying it out.

Doing it the Natural Way: Boosting the Body’s Testosterone

When someone or something is referred to as having “a lot of testosterone,” it usually means that the person or object in question is very manly. Testosterone is considered to be the primary sex hormone for males, and is largely responsible for their builds being larger, hairier, and more muscular than the average female’s.
In the everyday world, however, testosterone is prized by men for two primary functions: promoting muscle mass and increasing sex drive. Thus, it’s no surprise that the stereotypical alpha male is usually pictured as a burly figure bristling with virility. But since not everyone is blessed with such a physique, plenty of young and old men are eagerly snapping up all sorts of wonder drugs and supplements, such as the ever-popular deer antler spray for sale on every other website on the Internet.
While testosterone itself can be prescribed by most physicians, they normally prefer to let the patient make some key changes in their lifestyle first to see if doing so will suffice. And since the lack of testosterone results in not just a decrease in the masculinity of one’s appearance but also in a host of other physiological problems (low sex drive, irritability, anxiety, etc.), patients suffering from low testosterone levels are urged to do the following:
Maintain an ideal weight. Fat cells contain an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen, so the smaller one’s waist is, the more testosterone they tend to have. Conversely, attaining obesity is akin to lowering one’s testosterone levels.
Get enough sleep. Sleep deficiency tends to lead to an imbalance of chemicals and hormones. Poor sleeping habits have been commonly linked to significant drops in testosterone.
Take enough vitamins and supplements. Certain vitamins and minerals are crucial for boosting testosterone production, as well as maintaining overall health. Natural supplements, such as the widely available deer antler spray for sale, can also help increase testosterone production. Still, a fair amount of caution should be employed since not all kinds of deer antler spray for sale on the market are free of adverse side effects.
Manage stress. If under a great deal of prolonged stress, the body produces the stress hormone cortisol. This normally helps the body cope with high stress levels, but it can also inhibit testosterone production. To prevent its lingering effects on the body’s testosterone levels, patients are usually advised to balance their work loads and to take short breaks throughout the day.
Exercise regularly. The body produces testosterone depending on how much it needs, so keeping to a set fitness routine stimulates the testosterone production needed to the necessary muscle mass and performance. It is important to note, however, that excessive and overly strenuous exercise routines are also detrimental to testosterone production.
Go green when it comes to product shopping. Environmentally-responsible companies and manufacturers usually refrain from including harmful chemicals like phthalates and parabens (which can disrupt hormone production) in their products.
Get at least 15 minutes of direct sunshine a day. Vitamin D, which is stimulated by exposure to the sun, increases overall testosterone production. Using the right kind of sunblock is a must in this case, however, to prevent any unwanted skin damage.

Clearly, with a lot of options available, a patient’s efforts to boost their testosterone levels shouldn’t end at simply snapping up a bottle of deer antler spray for sale.

How Much is Man Enough?: The Pros and Cons of Testosterone and Testosterone Boosters

There’s a saying that goes, “Everything in moderation.” It applies to pretty much everything, including the hormones produced by the body, even with loads of bodybuilders frequently asking “Where can I get testosterone?” despite their high-testosterone builds and appearances. And while a surplus of testosterone is seen by an increasingly oversexed population as a good thing, it too can have negative effects.
Testosterone is a naturally-occurring substance that is produced by the testes and the ovaries. As the hormone responsible for the development and maintenance of muscle mass, it is crucial for both genders (although males need much higher amounts of it for their builds). Patients lacking the hormone (and thus inquiring, “Where can I get testosterone?”) naturally miss out on certain benefits like:
A leaner body mass and a more slender or shapely physique. Healthy testosterone levels are usually linked with active lifestyles since the body produces more and more of the hormone to build the muscles needed to cope with daily exercise. More muscles also mean better fat-burning capabilities and lower body fat percentages.
Better sex drive. Testosterone levels are directly proportional to one’s sexual arousal and activity, so working on the former usually benefits the latter. Furthermore, as one’s sexual activity increases, the body produces appropriate amounts of testosterone to fuel the change.
Better mood. Lagging testosterone levels tend to inhibit the secretion of hormones that enable feelings like happiness and contentment. Ensuring that one’s hormones are balanced is best for the patient’s psychological well-being.
Stronger bones. Healthy testosterone levels have been linked to increased bone density, which is good news for older men as bone density decreases with age.

On the other hand, there is evidence that being too obsessed with the question “Where do I get testosterone?” can result in adverse effects on an individual’s impulse control. In other words, men with very high testosterone levels have been found to be more likely to engage in risky behavior. As a result, they have a higher tendency to drop out of school, commit criminal acts, or contract sexually transmitted diseases.

In the same vein, those who address the question “Where do I get testosterone?” by taking testosterone boosters face their own set of pros and cons. Some of the benefits of administering such supplements include:

Increased muscle mass. This benefit is particularly useful for athletes and body builders.
Improved stamina.
Enhanced sex drive.
Lower Risk of Erectile Dysfunction and/or Depression.
Increased Metabolism.
Still, while it might be tempting for those with low testosterone levels to snap up crates of both natural and artificial testosterone boosters, abusing their use can result in some unpleasant side effects. These include:

Baldness. (Although women who take too many testosterone boosters have experienced the opposite: hair sprouting in undesirable places.)
Enlarged prostate glands. This can lead to painful prostate disorders, or even prostate cancer if left unchecked.
Acne breakouts, especially on the chest and back.
Urination problems

In conclusion, keeping testosterone levels at just the right amount is trickier than mindlessly quaffing bottles of testosterone boosters. And despite the benefits offered by naturally-occurring testosterone boosters, it wouldn’t hurt to consult a doctor first.

Garden Medicine: Natural Testosterone Boosters

With scientists regularly uncovering the adverse side effects of chemical-heavy medications, natural seems to be the way to go for the modern world’s remedies. And in this case, hormone supplements are no exception. The big question nowadays deals with what fruit/vegetable/herb should one consume for a natural testosterone boost.
The benefits of testosterone boosters that employ natural ingredients are manifold: they usually taste better, are more environmentally-friendly, and are far less likely to give off any undesirable side effects. Also, given the right environment, some of them can be grown in one’s own backyard. Some of the more widely-known natural sources of testosterone include the following:
Chia Seeds. Traditionally used by the Ancient Mayan messengers as an energy source, chia seeds are both a great source of omega-3 and testosterone.
Horny Goat Weed. Rich in a substance referred to by the Chinese as ‘icariin,” the aptly-named horny goat weed mimics the effects of testosterone on the body. Though normally prescribed for patients suffering from a diminished sex drive, horny goat weed tea leaves are also known to alleviate numbness and tingling in the limbs as well as an enhanced memory, effects that are also associated with improved testosterone levels.
Bulbine Natalensis. This is a South African herb used by the natives to combat sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction. Recent studies have also shown that observing the proper dosage greatly increases the present levels of testosterone in the human body.
Deer/velvet antler/deer antler spray for sale. Made even more popular by prominent football players in the US, the various brands of deer antler spray for sale on the market have their roots in ancient Chinese medicine and is prized for its ability to promote muscle mass. Most bottles of deer antler spray for sale have also been known to shorten the recovery time for muscle injuries and as an added bonus, any unpleasant sidfe effects have yet to be discovered. Furthermore, there are also plenty of brands that produce different kinds of deer antler spray for sale to suit a wide variety of needs and prefences.
Tribulus Terrestris. Like the deer antler, the tribulus herb is also part of the ancient Chinese medicine chest. And much like many testosterone-based performance enhancer, this herb can increase energy levels and stamina, shorten recovery time, and amplify an athlete’s overall physical performance during training sessions and competitions.
Yohimbine. This African herbal remedy is derived from the yohimbe tree. Though primarily used to alleviate sexual impotence, its aphrodisiac effects have also been known to be accompanied by healthy testosterone boosts.
Ginseng. A virtual shoo-in whenever natural medicine is discussed, ginseng has long been celebrated by the Chinese for its ability to increase the overall strength and vitality of the human body. Thus, it’s no surprise that most Chinese doctors recommend it to patients at an age where testosterone levels drop significantly.
Pumpkin seeds. When consumed, pumpkin seeds can increase the body’s vitamin B, C, D, E, and K levels. This, in turn, facilitates a healthy increase in testosterone production.
He Sho Wu. Also called Fo-Ti, this ancient Chinese herb is also said to be excellent for naturally increasing testosterone levels. Its effects on the body are said to be very similar to that of the celebrated ginseng root.

Easy Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for all things manly about a man. It is responsible for your sexy, deep voice, facial and body hair, body and muscle mass, as well as sex drive. But unfortunately, the cycle of life cannot stop you from aging and with age comes a decline in your testosterone levels. If you have been feeling less masculine lately and more moody, bloated, and exhausted, it is time you give your testosterone levels a much-needed boost. Here are five ways to increase testosterone level in your body:
1. Control Your Caffeine
A hectic day at work would probably require you to drink more coffee than usual and that is quite understandable. But before you go on and take another sip, you have to know that too much caffeine results in your body producing increased levels of cortisol. A surge in cortisol affects your testosterone levels negatively so you have to make sure you take your coffee in moderation. You do not have to completely eliminate it in your daily diet since recent studies revealed that consuming caffeine, either through coffee or energy drinks, before your workout session can actually help you perform better.

2. Limit or Eliminate Sugar from Your Diet
Studies have shown that obese men are twice more likely to have low testosterone levels compared to their fitter counterparts. So besides working out, another great way to shed those few extra pounds is to cut back on your sugar intake. You can begin by letting go of your every-meal-soda and opt for water instead. Also, step back from processed and fast food and drinks and go for home-cooked meals and green vegetables.

3. Appreciate the Great Outdoors
The age of internet has chained today’s generation inside their homes together with their gadgets. One of the most ignored yet very important ways to increase testosterone is going outdoors. Resist the temptation to join the techie bandwagon and start going outside. Go for a walk or read a book on a park bench under the sun and you will get a healthy dose of Vitamin D from the good ol’ sun. Vitamin D is known to boost testosterone levels significantly that just a 15 to 20-minute exposure to sunlight can increase T-levels by 120%.

4. Push Yourself Harder in the Gym
If you regularly workout, then pushing yourself a bit harder in the gym is the next step for you to take. Do this by performing each of your reps slower. By pushing your healthy self to your physical limit, your testosterone production will be maximized. No need to worry, too, because by training harder you will experience an increase in your testosterone levels which in turn will give you more energy, strength and stamina to train harder. It’s an endless cycle of good news.

5. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
Tired after taking the suggestion above about training harder? Then go sleep. Yes, one of the best ways to increase testosterone production is getting your 40 winks. You might be resting for those eight hours but your body uses this time productively by producing more testosterone.

A research done at University of Chicago revealed that men who sleep for less than five hours experience 10 to 15 percent drop in their testosterone production compared to when they get their full eight hours. Not getting enough sleep also causes a surge in cortisol, the stress hormone discussed in the first item of this list. If you work out religiously but not get enough sleeping time, your body will not be able to build new, leaner muscle mass.

Deer Antler Extract Bodybuilding

“Where can I get testosterone?” is a common question posed by bodybuilders all over the world. Known for its crucial role in the development of the male reproductive system, testosterone is traditionally associated with men. However, it is also prized by bodybuilders of both genders for its ability to promote increased muscle mass.
There are plenty of chemicals and medications that increase the body’s testosterone production on the market, but the current trend favors the more natural methods. These range from the fairly harmless asparagus and pineapple to the more dubious (and illegal) rhinoceros horn.
One product that has been generating buzz for its testosterone-boosting abilities is deer antler. Also called the velvet antler, it’s derived from the soft cartilage that eventually develops into the deer’s hardened antlers. Deer antler extract bodybuilding is consumed worldwide in a variety of ways, some of which include:
Ancient Chinese medicine dictates that the antler cartilage should first be sliced into rounds and then dried thoroughly in the sun. Once there is no more moisture left in the deer antler slices, they can then be steeped in boiling water with other herbs. The resulting brew is consumed as tea. Apart from allegedly increasing muscle mass, deer antler consumed in this way is also thought to improve kidney function, blood flow, and overall health.
In the Western parts of the world, deer antler is dried, ground into a powder, and then formed into capsules. These are then sold and consumed as dietary supplements.
In the US, deer antler concentrate is mixed with lemon and potassium sorbate to make a spray. Deer antler extract bodybuilding solutions are typically consumed up to three times a day by spritzing the mixture into one’s mouth as needed. They are particularly popular among athletes who want to speed up the recovery process of certain muscle injuries.
Despite some widely-publicized incidents involving the consumption of deer antler extract bodybuilding, it remains to be one of the most popular ways of boosting testosterone. One reason is because deer antler extract bodybuilding is relatively better-tasting than the other options. Another is credited to a lot of high-profile athletes in several Olympic sports endorsing the stuff as the best performance enhancer out there. Lastly, the spray has actually worked for some people, although whether their muscle recovery is entirely due to ingesting the deer antler spray or not is debatable.
Still, deer antler extract bodybuilding as a whole is not just for athletes and body-builders. Depending on which part of the antler one uses, a variety of other benefits can be reaped, such as:
The upper portion of the deer antler is the main ingredient for Chinese growth tonics. The resulting substance is thought to be particularly beneficial for children approaching puberty.
The middle portion of the antler is prescribed to patients suffering from arthritis or other disorders that involve joint pains and inflammation.
The bottom portion of the antler is used to treat calcium deficiency disorders, as well as geriatric patients suffering from bone density loss and other similar ailments.