Logix Smarter Banking Federal Credit Card Union – www.logixbanking.com

Membership: The credit union can be just a member-owned financial cooperative providing financial banking services to multiple member classes, but primarily serves transport gear employees. Membership is open to immediate group of current members.

Logix Federal Credit Union has been available since 1937. It is the the 7th largest credit union in California with resources totaling $5.38 Billion and providing banking services for over 186,000 members.

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Logix Banking

  • Manage all Logix accounts online
  • Policy for your future and set up an IRA or money market account
  • Open a checking or savings account with Logix Federal Credit Union and also Receive Free perks like mobile banking and eDeposits

Logix is banking with a spin: clients become associates and part owners when they start a merchant account . 100% of our profits are returned in the form of higher rates, lower fees, improved services, and also increased reserves to keep our unmatched financial strength. Therefore although it may be intimidating to think that you have your own standard bank, acquiring a merchant account at Logix is that. Maybe that is why more than 96 percent of our members say they’d recommend us to their family and friends.

What Logix Federal Credit Union provides customers

  • A Number of mortgage alternatives, from adjusted rate to 10-year
  • Home equity lines of credit
  • New and used vehicle loans as well as refinancing choices
  • Next-gen checking featuring mobile banking programs and accessibility to 30,000 free ATMs
  • Debit card perks including price protection, identity theft, resolution and rewards applications
  • Debt-management providers as well as private loans and student loans

Apply for a Platinum Rewards MasterCard through Logix Federal Credit Union

Logix prides it self smarter banking. Individuals who partner for this particular lender will receive a range of benefits in addition to outstanding customer services. Such perks incorporate no-money-down loans, 25-day home-purchase financing, riches direction and it all managed with the assistance of all Logix’ team of seasoned consultants. Logix Federal Credit Union even offers commercial real estate loans and small business government loans for all those who wish to get that startup off the floor.

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Logix Federal Credit Union has also partnered with Apple to offer clients the chance to earn payments with a single swipe at a touchscreen. Customers can connect their Logix MasterCard for their i-phone 6 and cover in stores and retailers at which the Apple Buy logo is included. Setting up this feature is a breeze, as all the consumer needs to do is access up fire their iPhone and Access Settings > Passbook and Apple Pay and enter their own Logix MasterCard info. This info could be typed manually, or customers can but snap a pic of their card. The card info can even be imported from iTunes.