The Peanuts Movie and Nestle Crunch Promotion Survey

Collect UPC code onto the outside of this bunch of Nestle Packets and enter into Nestle Crunch and Peanuts Movie Sweepstakes and instant win game to win a day at Newyork city Tour Blue Sky Studios and become drawn like a Peanuts character.

Nestlé Crunch and PEANUTS spans centuries. Last Year Nestlé Crunch celebrated 75 decades of delighting candy fans, and fans have enjoyed the most PEANUTS characters for nearly 65 decades, cementing their place among the very well-known personalities of all time.

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Nestlé Professional Customer Innovation Campus

At the Nestlé Promotion Survey Professional Customer Innovation Campus (NPCIC), chefs, food technologists, product developers and other staff work side-by-side with food service professionals to generate creative branded food and drink solutions which address a wide array of needs including culinary, nutrition, health and wellness, operations, promotion and, most importantly, sustainability.

All of our culinary and beverage brands are supported by a Team of knowledge able professionals that possess an in-depth understanding of food service and also the distinctive traits of every food service segment.

The Nestlé Crunch venture with PEANUTS Commences this Month, with all fresh Holiday services and products arriving at retail locations nationwide. Chocolate Bar as well as the Nestlé Crunch Bar Gift Cardholder. With nearly one in four adults buying candy for a gift during the holidays, the Nestlé Crunch Promotion Survey partnership with PEANUTS provides holiday shoppers one of akind gift options to share with family and friends.

Crunch And Peanuts Sweeps

  • Enter to win a trip to New York to tour the mythical Blue Sky Studios
  • Thousands of instant win game awards will likely be made accessible And the whole value of ALL prizes at the Nestle Crunch and The Peanuts Movie Promo is listed at $18,354
  • The marketing is sponsored by Nestle USA who are established at 800 N. Brand Blvd., Glendale, CA 91203

Immediate Win Game Prizes:

  • First Prizes (288): a $25 Fandango gift card. ARV: $25.00
  • 2nd Prizes (50): a Peanuts ice tray. ARV: $5.99.
  • Third Prizes (50): Charlie Brown Notebook. ARV: $6.99.
  • Fourth Prizes (50): some Peanuts baseball hat. ARV: $6.75
  • Fifth Prizes (50): Snoopy Doghouse note set. ARV: $6.35.
  • Sixth Prizes (1,750): Two complimentary NESTLÉ® CRUNCH® pubs (two Coupons each good for one free NESTLÉ® CRUNCH® pub up to $1.40). ARV: $2.80.

Rules associated with the Crunch and Peanuts Sweepstakes?

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  • A total of 2,238 second win prizes will be randomly generated
  • To put in with buy please enter the UPC code located on Willing Nestle products (see list below) and input the code on the Nestle Crunch and The Peanuts Movie Promotional web page
  • The grand prize trip to NYC winner will be informed by email Or phone
  • Instant win prizes associated with all the Crunch and Peanuts Promo may use up to ten weeks to be delivered

Initially Nestlé Crunch and PEANUTS®have awakened, Bringing together those two iconic American brands which are beloved by fans Every where. Nestlé® Crunch® declared a distinctive new venture with all the PEANUTS® collection of figures to bring the spirit of Snoopy, Charlie Brown And the gang to its line of candy treats.