Use Reward points to your membership fees –

To learn about this particular feature and redeem points on the web, see (take remember that the exceptional mobile Rewards offer referenced in this email is bound by mobile redemptions and is not valid for internet or other redemption channels).

Using Points for Your Charges is Just available to Basic Consumer and OPEN Card Members enrolled in the U.S. Compensation Rewards® program. Account managers and Rewards managers might qualify to use points by telephoning the number on the back of the Card but are not eligible to utilize points on the web. Additional Card Trainers, Authorized Additional Card Clients, and Corporate Card Trainers Aren’t qualified.

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Points for Charges Features

  • AMEX is under no obligation to the customer make fees Offered for salvation Utilizing Membership Rewards points
  • It will take around 48 hours for your charge to be applied to the customers invoice
  • Your Charges application is designed for those with a Simple Consumer and OPEN Card exemptions and therefore are enrolled in thee U.S. Membership Rewards application
  • In order to utilize the app the Clients card (credit) MUST maintain good standing
  • Points will only become available following the card holder has paid their current bill
  • Any questions about the”Membership Rewards Your Charges” could be directed to some AMEX customer care representative at 1-800-AXP-EARN (297-3276)
  • Membership reward points do not expire and Can’t Be transferred from one account to a different
  • Most AMEX card account can be linked to the Rewards program besides Corporate cards
  • Points may be redeemed beginning at 1, 000 but many customers will want to wait for larger rewards Start Working at higher levels i.e. Travel Certificates begin at 3,000 points

Factors might be sacrificed if the card holder is late making a payment however may get the things reinstated for a flat $35 fee. The membership reward program is sold with MOST American Express credit cards significance MOST customers won’t have to register.

Membership Rewards Your Charges

As a way to use the points purchases customers must have a minimum over 1, 000 points stored up. Customers may use their American Express member points to pay for purchases such as eating out, food store shopping and retail purchases such as purchases made at Besy Buy, Bloomingdale’s or Target.

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American Express Quick Hits

  • American Economic support firm
  • Makes a majority of earnings in the charge card sector
  • Phone: 212-640-2000 OR Fax: 212-640-0404

The firm markets bank cards to customers with good to great credit and averts sub prime credit card supplies such as the plague. American Express uses over 50,000 full time employees and are currently headquartered at 200 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10285.